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Singapore Yacht Show to Set Sail Again

Singapore Yacht Show to Set Sail Again - - TRAVELINDEXSingapore, Singapore, January 6, 2023 / TRAVELINDEX / Asia’s biggest and longest-running boat show returns to Singapore from 27-30 April 2023. When the long-awaited 10th edition of the Singapore Yacht Show was cruelly forced to shut down just a few weeks before opening back in March 2020, nobody thought it would have to be postponed more than a few months… Finally, a full three years after the beginning of that awful period, the show can finally go on – as indeed it must! Better late than never!

Much has changed on the boating industry landscape in all that time, but it has unquestionably ended up being a highly positive change. SYS organisers had worked flat out over the whole year following SYS 2019 to promote the 10th edition, and somehow, coupled with the lifestyle changes that were enforced on everyone, all the yacht brands, retailers and brokers alike have had three of their best business years in history – without the region’s main boat show even taking place!

We have all had to adapt, and to ensure that going forwards the Singapore Yacht Show as well as its sister events in Thailand and Hong Kong will be sustainable and secure for the future, Verventia is joining with all the experienced, respected and professional boat show organisers and marketers in the region. We will be a team in which the global industry can have total faith as genuine partners with all the necessary local knowledge, and we will be operating one combined event platform called “Asia Yacht Shows”. Watch this space for more details shortly…

With a huge amount of interest from many new players as well as from all the long-standing exhibitors, sponsors and supporters of SYS since its inception 10 years ago, the show needs to grow. And with Verventia’s push to get foreign superyachts coming to Asia to cruise and charter, which they can now do legally in Thailand, we are already seeing a big influx of large yachts here, and interest from Asian buyers and charterers is growing fast. The show needs to grow with it. The choice of the best venue for all three shows is still under discussion, therefore, and will be announced shortly.